Eco-Friendly Tips for Washing Your Clothing

In recent years new information has come to light regarding how we wash our clothing.  From toxic detergent to unnecessary energy spent on drying, there are quite a few ways we can clean up our act when it comes to our laundry. 

  1. Only Wash Dirty Clothes
    I may not get any popularity points for mentioning this but you do not need to wash your clothing after every wear. 

    This is important for two reasons.  One being that washing your clothing less is helpful to the environment as you are not using unnecessary electricity to run your washer & dryer several times per week.

    The second one being, it helps your clothes last longer.  Washing fades clothing dyes and can be rough on the textiles and seams. 

    So, if it isn’t noticeably dirty or smelly, hang that baby back up.

  2. Hand Wash
    On that note, give hand washing a try.  Not only is hand washing also much gentler on your clothing it allows you to wash only what is dirty.

    I can’t be the only one who throws clothes in the washer just to “fill the load” before running it even if my jeans, towels or sweaters don’t need it. 

    Switching to hand washing has allowed me to be much more selective of washing. 

    And again, it will help your clothing keep its quality longer.

  3. Always Wash in Cold Water
    I feel like most people know this by now, but always use cold water. 

    Up to 75% of the energy used in a washing cycle comes just from heating the water, so switching to cold is one of the easiest things you can do. 

  4. Filter for Your Synthetic Clothing
    I am guessing if you are on this page you are going the more sustainable fashion route, but if you still have synthetic clothing in your closet (as most of us do) start using a filter when washing.

    Microfibers in water are becoming a huge issue with reports stating that “94% of tap water samples contained an average of almost five microfibers per 500 ml.”

    To help keep plastic out of our water switch to natural fibers as much as possible.  For those synthetic items that you still have in your use a bag like the Guppy Friend to helps filter those particles and keeps them out of the water.

  5. Line Dry
    I know like I sound like a broken record by line-drying is just another thing you can do to increase the life of your garments.

    Line-drying your clothing not only saves energy by the sun is a natural way to reduce bacteria and odors on clothing.

    Buy a simple wooden clothing rack online and place it on a porch or in your backyard.  Most items don’t take long to dry and come in smelling extra fresh. 

  6.  Low Heat Iron
    It is true that some natural fibers have a tendency to wrinkle (like linen) but natural fibers also take well to a low heat iron.  If your blazer or cigarette pant seem a little stiff and wrinkled after line-drying an iron will buff them right out leaving crisp work ready clothing. 

    We all know that little tweaks to our routine can make a big difference.  So, by adding these small steps to your laundry care you can drastically increase the lifespan of your beloved clothing while also doing less harm to the environment.