What is vegan fashion?
Vegan fashion is clothing that uses zero animal derived materials.  We avoid textiles such as wool, leather & silk and opt for plant-based fibers including hemp & linen.  We also avoid animal materials in our buttons which are often made of horn & use all plant-based dyes in our garments. 

What is ethically made fashion? 
Ethical fashion means that fair wages & safe living conditions are provided to everyone involved in the making of our garments.  All our pieces are ethically sewn in California.  

What sustainable textiles do you use? 
We use all plant-based, sustainably sourced textiles such as organic hemp, linen, cotton & tencel.  All our materials are grown & harvested responsibly to ensure that they don't harm to planet, people or animals.  

Do you ship internationally? 
Yes, we do!  Our international shipments are shipped priority but please allow 7-10 days to receive your garment.  

What is your return or exchange policy? 
Return or exchange requests must be submitted within 14 days of receiving the garment.  Please e-mail us at hello@jackielutze.com to submit a request.   There may be a $10 processing fee deducted from your returned payment.  

Do you ship in plastic?
No, we are committed to 100% plastic free packaging & shipping.  Our packaging is recycled and recyclable.